Extranet Structure and Usage

In hotel management, it is very important to introduce yourself well to your customers and show your possibilities. You can get good feedback with advertising and promotional activities. However, when you want to attract your customers and manage a good hotel, another thing you need to do is to promote your hotel well in the booking channels and to provide the right management. Extranet is a management panel that allows you to organize all the information about your hotel in online reservation channels. This area, which must be constantly updated, is also seen as a front of your hotel.

What is Extranet?

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The number of rooms offered in the hotel, price information, customer management and all other transactions should be carried out over a certain area. These areas are known as reservation channels. You need to promote your hotel and get reservations on sites such as Booking, Jolly, Ets, Hotelbeds, Hotels, Trivago, which are known today and are the best in their field. The area where you will manage this whole process is known as the extranet .

When it comes to what an extranet is, the first thing to know is that it is a management panel system. However, since each system is different from each other, the usage stages and usage points are very different. Online reservation systems provide a certain entry area for you. These entries are required to manage your hotel’s information, but also require a training process.

Extranet infrastructure varies within the scope of the reservation system. Therefore, the input area and speed of each system are not the same. Hotel staff who will deal with this area should receive training on each system. At the same time, these areas should be checked regularly as they are a point where you need to keep the necessary information of your hotel up to date. In order to control all these areas from a single point, you can use the channel manager and reduce the management to one hand.

Extranet Usage and Information Entry

There are many different question areas such as what is an extranet , how to use it, how to organize information. First of all, it is of great importance to solve the structure of the online reservation system in this area. You need to have knowledge, be good at managing these areas, and with a bit of computer knowledge, you’ll need to keep a constantly up-to-date field.
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Online hotel reservation systems will tell you the extranet interface and extranet admin panel system for you to enter information about your hotel . After providing the necessary user information and password, you can start organizing your hotel. Although we state that each system has a unique interface and infrastructure, all the information of your hotel should be the same in each system. In this way, your customers will not have negative thoughts about your hotel or undesirable situations will arise.

Extranet Information Editing

Overbooking was seen as one of the biggest problems in many hotels at the time when technology was at its least advanced. Today, this situation is experienced due to systems that are not properly regulated and updated. If the current availability status is not set via the Extranet booking system, your hotel’s overbooking is known as overbooking. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to keep the system up-to-date at all times.

 During the use of the extranet , you must first present the promotional structure of your hotel. Taking hotel and room pictures from the right angle for promotional purposes also increases customer capacity. Likewise, you need to enter your room information and amenities. It is very important that each room provides a different opportunity and that the facilities in the room are specified. This field is one of the fields where your hotel will remain fixed and different information is not required unless changes are made.

After various information such as the number of rooms, room information, hotel information, the most important information systems come into play. In order to provide a good service in the field of booking, you should always keep your availability and prices up to date. In this way, your customers will be convinced that they can spend a more comfortable holiday in your hotel after learning the necessary information first hand. In this area, which is the point of gaining trust, it is of great importance to use the extranet system correctly.

You need an extranet system to increase your sales and organize your reservations . This area, which you will organize daily, will also make a big difference in your sales. Another structure that you need to determine through these systems is the payment options. You can offer a wide area to your customers with payment options at the hotel or online. Likewise, you must provide service for cancellation information within the framework of certain rules. If a refund is required depending on your cancellation conditions, you should perform these transactions as soon as possible through the system.

Extranet Trainings

Hotel reservation systems create an extranet booking area to provide you with the necessary information to manage your hotel . Interface information, trainings and information editing processes are provided to you entirely through reservation systems. Your employees who are interested in online areas should take these trainings and create the right service area. When you want to manage your systems well, you can give the necessary value to your hotel and your customers by using these structures. You can keep all the controls in your hands to organize your good management and reservation systems!

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