Extranet is a management panel system arranged for hotels to make price and availability adjustments. Here, each OTA has a separate extranet infrastructure. For this reason, you need to learn about all the systems used by your hotel and make your transactions accordingly. After you learn how to use it, it is very important to keep each system updated.

What is Extranet?

Extranet infrastructure status, or may need to be updated by you. These operations are a situation that requires a lot of attention and should be acted on according to the structure of the systems. In fact, although it provides great benefits in terms of management, there are also disadvantages.

It is quite normal to think of it as a large system when it comes to what an extranet is . However, systems are generally not mixed and a separate formation is provided for each online hotel system. You have a separate education and learning process for all of these formations When we look at what extranet means , which online travel agencies use these systems, you can see that every system has this. Extranet is an easy-to-use area, but you can get a separate training for each agency such as Booking, Jolly, Ets, Hotelbeds. At this point, you need to do the management of each extranet through the channel manager.

How Do I Use It?

Another question that comes up when we say what extranet means is how do I use it. Explaining an extranet means using that online system for you. However, each OTA has a different infrastructure and usage. In this case, you must have a special knowledge for each system.
A special password and user information are given to you at the extranet admin login point. After entering your system from this area, your hotel information will come to you. You can see information such as the reservation status of your hotel, room rates and availability on the main screen. Although this is not in every system in general, most of them keep this information in the foreground. Then you must provide the information changes according to the point you need to adjust . Depending on the extranet interface structure, various titles such as settings and hotel information can be included.
After finding the relevant field on the interface, you can make the necessary updates. Availability status is generally made by the system with a certain formula. However, you can add your prices and promotions in addition to this. Although a specific system cannot be created for the extranet in terms of usage, the process will proceed quickly after getting used to the points of use. It is important for your hotel to use extranet interface systems well in order to make your business flow faster and gain from the process .

What is Overbooking?

Within the scope of the hotel, each hotel has a certain capacity. This status is set as availability for OTAs. Failure to make a correct adjustment in the use of the extranet admin or not to set every system means that users actually book a room that is occupied. In order to prevent this, controls should be provided every time. Overbooking is called an excessive sale transaction that occurs in the face of this situation. Failure to set these systems structurally will harm your hotel as a user experience.

Overbooking ise bu durum karşısında oluşan gereğinden fazla satış işlemine denilmektedir. Bu sistemlerin yapısal olarak ayarlanmaması otelinizi de kullanıcı deneyimi olarak zarara sokacaktır.

Extranet booking sistemleri açısından büyük önem taşır. Bir nevi otelinizin tanıtımı olan bu alanlarda ayarlamalar ve kontrollerin doğru bir şekilde yapılması gerekmektedir. Bu alan için özellikle online platform çalışanı ile çalışılması gerekir. Ancak tüm extranet arayüzleri için channel manager kullanımı da söz konusudur. Yaptığınız tek bir değişiklik her sisteme etki eder ve bu durumda hem overbooking yaşamamış olursunuz hem de kullanıcı deneyimi ile otelinizi üst sıralara taşıyabilirsiniz.

How can I login?

We mentioned that each OTA has a separate extranet. At this point, you must be a member of any OTA you want to run your hotel’s sales system. After you agree with the online travel agency, you need to enter your information and hotel information in the extranet infrastructure system. Then you can access the extranet interface platform, which allows you to set the details of your hotel with the login information defined. At this point, you should take care to enter every information of your hotel in detail. Every information is of great importance to customers. In addition, the match of the information you provide with the appearance of the hotel will have a great impact.

Customer satisfaction is always very important. If you want to attract customers to your hotel and leave them with good experiences, you should use extranet booking systems effectively. If you take care of this and make regular checks, your systems will proceed on a correct program. But remember, each platform has a separate extranet structure. Failure to check these structures regularly or to include different information will create uncertainty by customers. This will most likely cause your sales to drop. Correct use is always essential to increase your sales with the Extranet .

Meta Title: Extranet

Meta Description: Extranet is actively used as a profile editing area offered by online hotel systems to hotels.

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