Various opportunities and opportunities are provided for your customers within the tourism sector. When we look at the holiday and tourism processes from the past to the present, it is possible to see the classical travel agencies. However, with the development of technology, innovation and different travel habits have emerged within the sector. OTA, which is renewed and the new state of technology, has gained a great importance for tourism in this field. OTA , online travel agency, is known as a new generation travel planning guide developed with today’s technology. We will explain everything you need to know about this field in this article.

What is OTA?

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OTA is one of the systems that provides easy access to the service with the development of technology. Although it is a generally known structure within the scope of hotel managers and systems, the exact system structure is not known. If  a full explanation of what is OTA is required, it is the name given to all systems created for travel planning and showing results. In fact, today’s all travel planning tools can be shown in this area.

OTA, which is the abbreviation of the name of online travel agency, comes up with many different examples today. Anywhere today you need to do internet research to review hotel rooms and plan travel. When  we say what OTA means, we can show it as the source of these researches. Systems such as ETS, Hotels, Booking, Jolly, Trivago, Booking are known as today’s largest online travel agencies. Presenting your hotel in this area and increasing your customer capacity will also provide a great benefit in your sales.  

Hotel and OTA Systems

You can promote your hotel in many different areas. You can exist in this sector with methods such as advertising, promotions and social media use. But there must be certain channels for people to reach you. Although hotel owners shy away from online platforms, it is a very necessary process. These systems create a very good field in order to increase hotel recognition and increase sales rates. OTA works  as both a domestic and international platform for tourism .

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Tourism can be considered in many ways. Your hotel structure, the services you offer and who you serve are very important. If you want to have a domestic customer, you can only provide work through domestic channels. However, if you want to work with both domestic and international channels, it   would be best to use OTA booking channels. In this way, you can create global customer relations.

 There are factors such as profiling and correct entry of information for the use of OTA and the display of hotel structures. In the system, first of all, there will be issues such as your hotel structure, information about your hotel, price and availability. You should regularly update them and provide accurate information.

OTA Usage

OTA booking  systems provide two different interfaces. The first interface is about how outsiders will see your hotel. The other interface is about how you can promote your hotel and how you can manage the system. At this point, it is of great importance to enter your information through the channel and create an accurate profile. Entering this information incorrectly for customer satisfaction and a good holiday experience within the scope of tourism can have serious consequences.

People who want to take a vacation  review hotels from many different  OTA channels. In this area, hotel information, room pictures and other information are looked at first. Then it examines the comments about the hotel. For this reason, it is very important to make a good impression on everyone and to promote your hotel in the best possible way. It is very important that you do not enter incorrect or incomplete information while providing your information entries. The opportunities and information that should be included in your profile can be listed as follows:

  • Transportation (Airline, Bus Station, etc.)
  • Hotel and room pictures
  • Location
  • Distance to touristic areas and city centers
  • Bed and breakfast and food availability
  • Room facilities (Towels, hot water, coffee, air conditioning etc.)
  • sportive activities
  • Facilities for pets
  • activities for kids

All this information is important to attract your customers to your hotel. In addition to the fact that the hotels selected by considering these possibilities are quite a lot, your customers will not accept any mistakes. For  this reason, every information entered in the OTA hotel service must be up-to-date. You should pay attention to transactions such as price, room availability and cancellation information and constantly update these fields. In order to get rid of overbooking and not to have unwanted problems with your customers  , you should check Ota channels and provide special studies.

It is of great importance to promote your hotels among online travel agencies. If you provide the right service, you can close your availability during the summer and provide all your hotel services. However, it is important to know the OTA structure and extranet interface for this. As in every field, channels form their own system and management panel in this field as well. Every hotel management should learn these systems well and use them correctly. OTA booking  will not only provide great benefits to your hotel in this area, but will also enable you to show yourself in the management. With proper use and good promotion, you can achieve great success as a hotel in this area.

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