OTA, the Online Travel Agency systems, offers a variety of facilities to hotels. In these systems, you can manage your hotel's pricing, availability, discounts, opening and closing of rooms with Extranet. However, even for a single room price change , you need to make changes by entering the Extranet system of all companies such as Booking, ETS, TatilSepeti. Channel Manager on the other hand, allows you to manage your hotel over a single address without entering all the sites you serve.

Resclick - Channel Manager

Having an important place in the tourism sector, hotels attract numerous tourists with the opportunities and features they offer every year. However, managing a hotel is not always an easy task. Numerous tasks must be fulfilled, such as customer satisfaction, accurate information flow, and every action that will alleviate the workload. For these transactions, even a single price change in the hotel must be communicated to the customer the same on every platform. Are you browsing the sites that you serve all day for a single price change in your hotel? With Channel Manager, you can now do all your transactions, such as price changes, quota changes, on a single channel.


Resclick-Channel Manager
Managing a hotel is not easy. In particular, various processes such as providing continuous changes, performing controls, setting prices, and reporting must be flawless.

Channel Manager allows you to do all these operations from a single point. One of its biggest advantages is to reduce your workload.
Resclick-Channel Manager
Over booking problem is a frequent problem in the field of tourism. There will be many situations such as not being able to follow up correctly or price discrepancy due to providing services in multiple channels.

With Channel Manager, you can manage your hotel easily and accurately, saving time, without taking into account these negativities.

With the Channel Manager, you can now perform all your transactions such as price changes and quota changes on a single channel.

Besides all these;
With Channel Manager, you can manage all information about your hotel, room prices, campaigns, and quota information on a single system. Your changes will change at the same time across all OTA systems and you will not be burdened with an unnecessary workload. Using technology correctly for a professional management will always save you time.
Resclick - Channel Manager
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