What is Extranet ?

Regardless of the number of rooms for a hotel, it is not an easy process to manage reservations, adjust availability and make changes in prices. However, Extranet, the most innovative system offered by technology, offers you an easier management area. Extranet is a system developed for hotels that take online reservations. You can perform all operations such as checking your rooms, room prices, quota status, and reservations received through a single system.

Resclick - Extranet

The tourism sector remains alive in all seasons of the year. Although summer holidays are the most popular holidays, the relaxing and fun side of winter holidays cannot be discussed. Managing a hotel in the field of tourism is just as difficult. Numerous transactions such as determining room prices, changing and determining quotas are only part of the first stage. With the advancement of technology, hotels, which also show themselves online, will now be easier to manage Extranet. It is now very easy to handle all transactions about your hotel with a single click.

The extranet system doesn't just offer certain features. With its wide range, you can handle all transactions about your hotel with one click. You can manage every transaction such as closing your rooms for sale, opening them for sale, arranging your discounts and action entries.


Saving time and keeping up with technology is now one of today's top priorities. For the tourism sector, it is a priority for hotels and facilities to perform all their actions quickly.
Extranet While saving time with the system it offers, it keeps all the details about your hotel in a database.
Customer reservations and follow-up at accommodation and travel points require great care. Extranet system is not only an online reservation tracking system, it is a system that keeps all the facilities you need together.

What are the privileges the Resclick Extranet will offer you?

With the Resclick Extranet system, it is now very easy to manage your prices in your reservation module on your website. You will increase your sales by easily adding the features you want to the room and the extra services in your hotel.

Besides all these;
  • Resclick Use in 30 languages
  • Resclick Market-based price management
  • Resclick Multiple hotel management
  • Resclick Ability to add your own Virtual Pos
  • Resclick Downstream user identification and authorization
  • Resclick Detailed reporting
  • Resclick Easy, price and quota management
  • Resclick Ability to define instant instant discount (hot offer)
  • Resclick Linked price management
  • Resclick Sending prices from extranet to Otas via channel manager
Resclick - Extranet

Discover the privileges of RESCLICK with price sending in METASEARCHs from the Extranet ! ..

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