1.1) Search Ads (Search Engine Marketing - SEM)

One of the most basic techniques of digital marketing is ads that are among the results of search engines. It allows you to advertise in the most appropriate part of the search results in your advertisements that you give to Google or other media.

The most important point in search ads is that you need to produce your keywords in order to reach the Goals related to your product while making the ads. Each keyword you choose creates a stand-out platform on its own. You can either choose the keywords yourself or generate them from the keyword generator within Google. Generally, all advertisers use the Google keyword generator explorer.

Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama
In Google, where millions of searches are made on a daily basis, significant success can be achieved with AdWords with the ads given to the right keywords that will reach the target audience. With Resclick Digital Marketing, you are in safe hands.
Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama
1.2) Display Network

The Resclick Display advertising network promotes you through the advertising spaces on the Adsens publisher websites within Google's advertising network. In this technique, ads are published by matching websites in categories suitable for the target audience. Google's algorithm cannot read a picture, it can only read words and make it stand out. When creating a display ad network, you have to create keywords, just like Search Ads.

Whether you choose the websites you will broadcast on yourself, or you publish them automatically on the sites selected by Google. Our advice is to advertise on the pages suitable for the product you advertise and to choose the sites to be advertised yourself.

Resclick Digital Marketing team provides the best support for publishing your product on the most suitable sites.

1.3) Video Ads

Let's say you have prepared a video for the promotion of your brand, you can easily publish this video on Video broadcasts. For example: You can publish on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and websites in the Google Display Network. In order for video ads to attract attention and increase your image, it is very important that your video is suitable for the class of your product and that it is understandable. It is an advantage for you that the broadcast videos can be watched for a long time.

You can rely on Resclick Digital Marketing teams to create your short, understandable video promoting your product.

Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama
Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama

Its real stands for Seach Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization; It is an on-site and off-site work that will make your site rank better in search results for the keywords you target. Original and distinguished words you will use in SEO work will allow search engines to understand your site more easily and quickly.

The original words you choose will speed up your advertisement and promotion by making your content of search engines easier to understand with the studies to be done on the keywords related to the relevant product. At the same time, you can increase your authority in the keywords you have determined with various studies to be done outside the site.


Undoubtedly: Social media are currently the world's largest personal and original content sharing platforms. People can comfortably express themselves and share their thoughts.

The details we enter to social media, in our personal accounts, to identify our cat are used in Social Media Marketing.

You can easily reach people who are interested in your brand or product you will advertise and show them your product.

Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama
Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama

As the use of social media increases, we consume content very quickly to publish products differently, and we constantly research or use our imagination to make new ones.

Can you imagine how many billions of new content are posted every day on social media, video platforms and blogs, and these posts disappear after a short time? This is an amazing power.

In other words, producing content and showing it to our friends on social media has become a must in our lives. Places to go, food to eat, coffees to drink, environments? People are now sharing content on social media instead of telling how they spend time.

In this direction, search engines prioritize websites that produce the highest quality content.

Content marketing; Instead of directly publishing a product or showing that product to an unrelated person, as it was previously done, you can go beyond traditional and classical marketing methods and come up with a content that will attract its attention, benefit and add value to it.

This ensures that the advertisement is more noticeable compared to the standard ads and also creates a trust in the brand.


Mobile marketing is a way of promoting products or services through mobile devices. With this strategy, target consumers get access to location and time sensitive customized content that promotes specific products, services or ideas.

When done right, mobile marketing provides smartphone-using customers or prospects with personalized, time- and location-sensitive information so they can get exactly what they need when they're on the go.

The use of mobile devices has prevented the use of desktop devices for a long time. In advertisements made in the world, 79% of people enter advertisements and access content from their mobile phones. More users are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before, and this trend will continue to increase in the future. Therefore, if you do not implement a mobile marketing strategy, you are already falling behind.

Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama
Resclick - Dijital Pazarlama

Re-marketing is a marketing that aims to enable users who visit your site to visit your site again by encountering your ad in the advertising spaces on different sites. With the Google Tag Manager code on your site, you can see where and how people log in to your site, and you can show them specific ads. So: when you enter a website, don't be surprised when you see the ad for that site or product again later in the day!

With this method, you can ensure that the users you have attracted before come back to your product or website. Re-marketing can be easily implemented in the fields of search engine, visual advertising network, social media and e-mail marketing.

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