Turn your website into the most profitable online sales channel with RESCLICK.

RESCLICK; Offers a booking module for hotels, resorts, villas and all accommodation providers.

Your customers can quickly and seamlessly book rooms directly from your website, social media platforms or advertising campaigns, resulting in maximum revenue.

Resclick - Reservation Module

Worried about commission charges?

You can enjoy commission-free reservations by adding a simple code to your website to start receiving reservations.


Resclick-Rezervasyon Modülü


It provides support to customers who want to visit your website and make a reservation via online chat.
Resclick-Rezervasyon Modülü


With a number to be determined by the hotel, it is possible to communicate via Whats Up.
Resclick-Rezervasyon Modülü


During the visit of the website of the customer, if he / she wants to be searched, he / she is contacted with the form to be added to the website.


You can simply copy the RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module code to your website. That's all!


RESCLICK, Hotel Reservation Module is placed in accordance with the colors and design of your website and works 100% adapted to any mobile phone or tablet device. Whatever device your customers use, the guest experience starts with the booking process with beautiful UX / UI design.


Give your customers the opportunity to purchase at any time of the day. Increase conversions on your website with all the benefits of RESCLICK for commission-free direct booking and efficient technology.

Resclick-Reservation Module


As a result of the development of technology and the change in the behavior of consumers, you can indicate that your customers are transfer and plane sales over your module, as well as hotel accommodation.

They prefer to get all the services in a package directly from the hotel. RESCLICK Hotel Reservation System provides the opportunity to purchase a package by adding Flight and Transfer in the Reservation module in line with the requests of the hotels.

Resclick-Reservation Module


Secret campaigns make the hotel customer feel special. If you have a guest portfolio for which you offer a special price, you can offer privileged prices with promotional codes on your corporate or individual website.

It enables hotels that want to increase transformation to implement alternatives that they will use to keep their customers coming back.

Resclick-Reservation Module


RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module provides service in 30 languages ​​with its multi-language option.

Multi-language provides display according to the language of the country where your customer is located.

Moreover, the vouchers and contracts of reservations are sent via e-mail in the language option of that country.

Resclick-Reservation Module


Customize the RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module with the look and feel of your brand. Add your logo, Phone, email, Money premiums and much more.

You are in full control of the information, text and images in the reservation engine, including the reservation cancellation conditions.


It is not enough just to have an online booking module. Our goal is simple - to optimize your booking process by turning your customers into loyal guests, allowing us to increase revenue and turnover. We are here to offer you the highest conversion rates on the market using specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You must make sure that guests visiting your website are converted into direct bookings.


Simplify your processes. No more worrying about complex Institutions or difficult settings. It is now very easy to send the prices you enter for your RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module to Meta Searches simultaneously.

It is now possible to integrate your Hotel Reservation Module with your Channel Manager and the PMS you have used with a single click.

If you can easily show the COVID-19 measures taken at your hotel on your website with the RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module. With its multi-language option, it offers the opportunity to display the COVID-19 measures in the desired language according to the language of the country where the guest is located.
It is now possible to protect the health of your customers staying in your facility with the Hes code. During the reservation, the Hes Code is requested from your guests and saved in the system.
Resclick - Rezervasyon Sistemleri
Besides all these
ACTIVITIES: You can enter the events in your hotel and have them listed in the reservation module in chronological order. Thus, your guests will be informed about the activities to be held during their stay.
ROOMS AND PRICES: It is now very easy to manage the prices of your hotel for all countries in the world. You can add the market prices you want to the nationalities you want. It is possible to add different features according to the room type and hostel, to price them, to determine the cancellation policies according to the market and the period, and to reserve rooms for the determined quotas.
PAY AT THE DOOR OR PRE-PAYMENT OPPORTUNITY: With RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module, you can offer the opportunity to pay all at the door according to your preference. If you wish, you can guarantee the reservation by asking for a certain amount of the reservation to be completed by receiving a PRE-PAYMENT at the time of the reservation, and you can make your customers choose you by taking the remaining payment at the entrance.
EXTRAS: RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module offers your customers the opportunity to purchase the Extras in your facility by showing them at the time of reservation. With this feature that offers alternative offers, your customers will be informed beforehand about the extras in the facility and you will have the opportunity to increase your income by making extra sales in addition to the room sales.
FLEXIBLE DATES: It ensures that the customer does not receive a negative response in the call made in the RESCLICK reservation module, even though there is no room available. By opening the availability calendar to the customer, it allows the customer to see at a glance when the room is available.
GROUP HOTELS: With RESCLICK Hotel Reservation Module, you can make a selection of hotels in your group in the Reservation module, allowing you to book through a single panel and easily manage the prices of your group hotels from a single interface.
FACEBOOK APP: Your guests who visit Facebook can make a direct reservation using your online booking engine integrated with Facebook.
VIRTUAL POS AND ONLINE PAYMENT INTEGRATIONS: You can securely receive payment by credit card from your own virtual POS or Global payment systems of your domestic banks, according to your preference.
RECOVERY STRATEGY: The reservation engine tries to regain the customer who is about to leave the reservation process halfway through the recovery strategy.
INSTANT CONFIRMATION: Your customers receive a confirmation e-financial immediately after their reservation, indicating that their automatic confirmation is confirmed. You can create the confirmation design and content as you wish.
INTEGRATION IN DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS: It is fully integrated into distribution systems. Within the scope of RESCLICK reservation software, there are channel manager and Metasearch sales channels.
REPORTS AND STATISTICS: Provides easy and complete reports and statistics in real time, including Tables and Graphs. The Dashboard feature allows you to see real-time performance.
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