OTA are travel agencies offered to users on the internet. These systems that make your travel habits easier are actually a well-known system. Although Otas are not as profitable as direct sales from the hotel, they have a great contribution in terms of increasing the sales of hotels and achieving certain occupancy. For this reason, it is extremely important for facilities to increase their sales channels by using the right strategy. Some of the most known Ota are ETS, Hotels, Otelz, Booking, Expedia.

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With the increase in technological developments, the internet started to show itself in all areas of life. So much so that nowadays, you can make reservations for all hotels on the internet and plan your vacation months in advance. OTA, the Online Travel Agency system, also comes into play at this point. OTA systems, which occupy a large place within the scope of tourism and hospitality, are too important for hotels to be ignored.

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So how is your OTA usage?
Generally speaking, metasearch engines aggregate results from various search engines. Metasearch engine is the general name of online sales channels that collect information about the prices of accommodation facilities and the availability of their rooms. The Meta Search Engine allows people who want to stay to see and compare offers from different online sales channels, including the official website of your property. When the visitor clicks the price directly through the metasearch engine site, the potential guest lands on the property's booking engine.
Resclick - Online Travel Agency
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