OTA , Online Travel Agency is of great importance in the tourism and hotel industry. This system, produced as an alternative to classical travel agencies in the field of tourism, has reached a greater position with the development of technology. It is called all of the systems that facilitate these habits and save time, especially due to its structure organized according to the travel habits of people. In general, online travel agencies offer you many options within the scope of OTA in this field .

What is OTA?

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With the development of technology and easy access to many services, online travel systems have also come to the fore. When it comes to what OTA is, it is called all of the systems that show adjustments and results according to the nature of the travel situation of the people. With the development of this technology and software, many different channels are formed. These areas, which have become more sales opportunities for hotel owners, allow you to organize all of your systems online. This system, which provides all the advantages, also means that customers can manage an extra system.

When it comes to what OTA means , we can show systems such as Booking, ETS, Hotelbeds, Jolly. These systems are among the largest online travel agencies of today. From the point of OTA tourism , it is very important in terms of both increasing tourism and providing people with experiences such as different cities and countries. If you use your hotel correctly in these areas, there is a big change in sales rates. We will explain the correct use in detail in the rest of the article.

Should I Use OTA?

The presence of a hotel in an online platform will greatly increase both sales rates and recognition. For this reason, OTA provides a great place in terms of tourism and accommodation. When you open your hotel to the online system, you will be accessible to many people. Therefore, the use of OTA is very important for you.

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When looking at what OTA means in tourism, it means making your hotel stand out according to people’s travel information and reaching you. In the field of tourism, this operation is carried out between great satisfaction and order. The fact that your hotel is included in many different channels means minimizing the risk for you. Each system allows you to be recommended by OTA according to the existence of your hotel, price conditions and promotions . In this way, being in the first place means that you will attract more customers.

Correct Use of OTA

The services you provide are very important to have a place in the field of tourism and to ensure customer satisfaction. It is of great importance to include details such as the location of the hotel, number of rooms, interior services, daily services, cafe, breakfast, dinner, and the provision of these services. For this reason, you need to create a professional profile for each OTA booking channel. This profile takes into account both your hotel and the services provided by you.

Every information you set in the OTA service is captured by customers. In particular, the profile system you create has priority. Each customer first looks at the hotel’s profile rather than the hotel’s reviews. In this profile, all the information that should be included as opportunities offered:

  • Location
  • Airport, terminal, station proximity status
  • Distance to tourist attractions
  • Transportation
  • Hotel and room images
  • Sports activities such as spa and gym
  • Facilities for pets
  • Bed and breakfast situations
  • Children’s activities
  • Room facilities

These information are subjects that need special mention. Customers can first look at these areas and choose according to the opportunities it provides. OTA service is a great opportunity to attract customers in this field. At the same time, it is very important to adjust the room prices. It is not correct to have a different price in each system. For this reason, when you use the OTA service, you need to make special adjustments on the extranet page of each system. Different pricing gives negative feedback to hotel owners.

OTA systems are a big sales area for you. At the same time, it is of great importance to avoid overbooking problem. Your systems need to be checked daily and each unit specially inspected for proper tuning. You should do a separate study for each extranet at the price point. You can use all OTA services together by using a system like channel manager because of the loss of work time of these works .

Online travel agencies are one of the systems that directly serve your hotel. Thanks to the structure it provides you, it can enable you to attract customers according to your location. However, at this point, OTA service expects a response from you. There is no risk for you in an area where you have prepared correctly and entered all information such as price, availability. While it is in your hands to promote your hotel correctly, it will be done by OTA to advertise and attract customers for you. Entering online channels and optimizing process management will have a great impact on customer satisfaction and user experience. All you need to do is to promote your hotel effectively thanks to OTA.

Meta Description: OTA, as an online travel agency, is a promotion and reservation system for hotels listed according to customer search volumes.

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