What is Resclick Channel Manager ? Why do we need ?

The Turkish equivalent of the channel is channel. Manager means Management. Channel Manager is called Channel manager when we look at its exact equivalent.

 In fact, we call Tourism Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) channels. Booking.com, Expedia, Otelz, Agoda, ETS, Hotels.com, Agoda Hotelbeds Etc… these are a channel.

 Each channel has its own extranet, and whenever the hotelier makes any price changes, he or she has to enter this extranet and change the prices and availability from each channel’s extranet separately. Also, when a reservation is received, it is necessary to enter the extranet of the relevant online travel agency and look. This is a time-consuming and difficult process during periods of high operation. Resclick Channel Manager allows   you to connect to all online travel agencies and manage prices and availability easily from one screen.

Payment using multiple booking channels will concentrate on huge time savings and operation using the manager. Suppose we sell our rooms in 3 different channels. If we have 3 room types with 2 different prices for double and single occupancy, this comes at a price of 6570, which must be updated within a year. Also, the soundtrack needs updating. 

 That is, channels have less room for other channels when another sale takes place … In order to search for revenue and its channel as well as another management, we need to log in and update the availability. This is a process that needs to be repeated in booking. Considering this one year, a lot of work will come.

The channel manager comes to our rescue here and takes a significant part of the workload from us. Using Resclick Channel Manager By gathering all information in a single panel, it prevents us from pursuing reservations and other information on other channels. Whenever we receive a reservation from one channel, the availability of the other channels is automatically updated when availability is concerned. This becomes very critical, especially when the hotel’s room number is limited. For example, if we assume that only one room is available in your hotel for a date and we get 1 reservation for this room, the availability on other channels will be updated automatically. By using the channel manager, it means that you can focus better on your operation without having to be constantly on alarm at the time of your 1 room availability. When you see how easy the operations are, you will see the Resclick Channel Manager Difference .

When the prices in all channels are the same, a channel manager can easily update the prices in all connected channels with one click. However, that is not all. Even when prices are not the same, if there is a certain relationship between them, this can be programmed into the channel manager and updated with one click.

Moreover, channel managers can be linked with hotel management programs. In this way, when a reservation is received and saved by phone, the channel management will be notified of this situation and automatically updates the availability of all connected channels, and when a reservation is received from a channel, the channel manager will transfer this information to all other channels and the hotel management program PMS, reducing availability.

These connections provided by the Resclick Channel manager   increase productivity and save time in the workplace.

In short, a significant part of hotel reservations are made online and if more than one sales channel is used and it is very critical to keep the availability up to date, the channel manager is very necessary and essential.

Resclick is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible channel manager that effectively coordinates different prices across multiple channels.

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