ResClick Central Reservation System (CRS); meets all your needs for the sales and reservation management needs of your agents.

Increasing your room sales Connecting to Metasearches facilitates the sales of your reservations by sending prices directly to OTAs.

Thanks to your online web page, as the number of people who arrange their travel over the Internet increased, hotels also looked for new ways to be accessible online.

Resclick - Rezervasyon Modülü

Thanks to ResClick XML and API connections, you can send your agency your prices directly to thousands of agencies around the world and ensure that their sales are carried out directly. Join the worldwide marketing network offered by ResClick and reach thousands of customers all over the world effortlessly.

Online sales on hundreds of websites with links
Direct sales with aircraft connection
Sending prices to hundreds of online sales channels directly with OTAs


Discover the speed of information delivery per second with Next Generation Online Agency System technology. With this technology, ensure a perfect communication between your GDS and other IDS sales channels and your hotel. Through our system, it is possible to enter price and availability information in all your sales channels at the same time, by spending only a few minutes. Thus, when your price and availability information changes, you will be able to handle your updates easily.

We realized that one of the biggest needs of the hotels included in the developing online market is to manage their sales channels easily and smoothly and for this CRS | We have put the Extranet Control Panel into your service. With this control panel that we offer to your hotel with your CRS Extranet, you can ensure that the prices of all your hotels that you have a direct deal with are directly entered into your system by the hotel authorities, and their prices are instantly reduced to your own system.



ResClick | The most important advantage that CRS offers is that you can make real-time room inquiries to our CNRS for all your sales channels, and you can offer the prices and quotas entered for sale in all your sales channels at the same time.


In other words, it increases the likelihood of your room being sold, and you do not have to discount the price for the unsold room. With this working principle, you do not need to allocate and load separate quotas for each sales channel; We keep your last room open for reservation on all channels.

What can you do with ResClick CRS?
• You see the incoming requests instantly and analyze the performance of the sales channels.
• By acting on demand, you minimize your losses and increase the chances of your last room being sold.
• You give equal chance to all your sales channels.
• Booking, Expedia, Hotels.com, Agoda, ETS, OTELZ VS… you can easily send prices.
• “Total pricing” and pricing system that includes all taxes, service fees, etc.
• Non-refundable cash payment option (Prepaid)
• Periodic reports
• Visual and annotated hotel information
• Search engine based on multiple criteria
• Possibility to enter additional reservation fee
• Integrated with Channel Management
• PMS | Property Management System - Integrated with your front office program
• Integrated with the Booking-Engine on your hotel website
• 10 language options
Be One Step Ahead With Resclick!