Managing Reservations with Channel Manager

Managing a hotel is not an easy process. It is necessary to deal with all areas of a hotel, to check the rooms, and to make an appointment according to availability. It is not acceptable for a customer who comes to your hotel to be left unattended or to give the same room to two people. For this reason, the use of channel manager is of great importance. Channel manager is used as one of the best methods to provide hotel management and organize reservations. We will explain this software and the whole system for you, which are necessary for you to manage your hotel better and switch to a new system.

What is Channel Manager?

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There are many different areas within your hotel that need to be managed. Room structure is also included in the system as one of these areas. When you want to manage rooms and create a certain control area, you can use new generation technologies. When it comes to what a channel manager is , we can say that it is a system that allows you to manage your hotel, update and manage the availability of your rooms, price structure.

When we need to make a clearer explanation about the channel manager, we can consider a hotel reservation system. When a customer of yours wants to make a reservation through any booking site, he or she will encounter this structure. During the reservation, he will see the facilities of your hotel, the availability and the prices according to the room he will choose. At this point, it is important to constantly update. The system that says such an area from the customer’s point of view should also be handled differently by the management.

The person who is responsible for the online area within the hotel should deal with the hotel information. Values ​​such as all availability and price information within the hotel should be arranged and updated daily. However, different difficulties await your online manager at this point. For channel manager, your manager must know the system well and have a command of hotel management.

Channel Manager and Online Process Management

Channel manager is the software system included in the booking system. In order to learn this system, it is necessary to know the basics. It is very important to know that this structure, which is a complex area, is different in every system and how its interfaces should be used. In order for things to work in the best way, you should serve according to the booking structures. A separate workspace should be provided according to the most important sites such as Booking, Agoda, Jolly, Hotelbeds.

ResClick - Reservation System

In order to control your online domains, a person must be in charge of your system. For your responsibility to your customers, an error in price or availability is not acceptable. For this, you have to enter each reservation site and check and update the extranet area of ​​your site. However, this is a very difficult and tedious process. While editing a field, it is possible that you have problems in a different system. However, with the channel management, which is a new system, you can edit all fields at once without dealing with exranets. This system will allow you to make the arrangements you want in order to carry out the works in the fastest way.

As a system within the channel manager hotel system, it should be done by experts. The system provides a control area as a structure that allows you to access all extranet areas. It is very convenient to use this system in order to create the same effect in every field and to correct the error that may occur in a field as soon as possible. Since the system structure is a special software area, it must be installed by people who are experts in their work. You should leave the installation to these people to solve all the processes in detail and to set the system.

Advantages of Using Channel Manager at Your Hotel

You can use two different channel managers for your hotel . The features provided by these two options, which are provided as pro and saver, are also different. While the Saver model offers fewer options, the Channel manager pro structure offers you all the features and the online hotel world. It provides a great advantage as a system. You should use this system, where you can organize all the information about your hotel, with all its details and services. When we look at the advantages, we can list them as follows:

It is used in the most suitable way for your hotel structure and other systems. It is directly integrated with the system.

After installing channel manager pro or saver, you can access the whole booking world. You can edit availability, price and other hotel information on all sites.

It collects reservations and ensures that these incoming reservations are processed on the application.

It provides frequent updates according to channels and hotel status, incoming reservations and uploaded information, and provides guidance to other areas.

It ensures that your availability status appears in the same status on all channels so that you do not experience overbooking and provide the best service in your hotel.

Channel manager is a good system for managing your hotel and it also connects the price structure with a formula. In this way, necessary information is sent to all channels in case of any price change.

In order to manage your hotel in the best way and to provide a correct service in the booking system, you should do the channel management in the best way. With Channel manager , you can integrate your entire system to manage reservations and use it without any problems.

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