What is Online Booking? Hotel and Accommodation Systems

Providing a good service in hotel management is very important. Work should be done to provide a good service to your customers, to provide a comfortable space and to offer other services as a whole. Apart from all these structures, you also need to be effective in hotel reservation management. Many different methods are used for an accurate reservation process and management of hotel capacities. The online booking module structure is a system that allows your customers to book your hotel and to control the incoming reservations. It is very important to use this system, which has a good interface and platform management, and to use the accommodation structure.

What is Online Booking? How to use?

ResClick - Reservation System

It is one of the structures used to provide the reservation system of your hotel within the scope of the question of what is online booking . When we look at the system structure, it shows a great effect to control your hotel. In order to present your hotel in the best way and to collect reservations in these areas, a constant notification is required. All systems such as your hotel’s availability and price information are located in this area.

The reservation module is one of the structures required for your hotel to provide a good service in OTA. It is necessary to create a profile of your hotel within the booking system and provide the necessary information. This structure, where you can set price, promotion or availability, is different in each system. This system is called extranet. It is also very important to use this structure, where you can create your profile and create a detailed panel for all your information.

Extranet has a different structure within each site. Therefore, it is necessary to learn each system well. It is necessary to enter your information correctly and to offer the same amount of reservations in each system. Depending on the online booking system structure, it detects the availability and provides you with the necessary reservation services. The use of this system should be given importance in order to maximize customer satisfaction and get rid of Overbooking.

What is Overbooking? How Does the Online Booking Module Block?

Determining the number of rooms, price and availability according to the room is of great importance in hotel management. In order to provide the service you offer in all systems such as Jolly, Booking, Hotelbeds, you must provide the information correctly. Overbooking occurs as a result of the lack of proper management and the lack of control of reservations. Overbooking means overbooking based on the number of rooms and availability in your hotel.

ResClick - Reservation System

It is not possible to receive more customers than your availability at your hotel. For this reason, you should organize the entire online booking module structure in the best way. This system, which allows you to provide services and make reservations online, also allows you to organize a hotel. It is very important that you regularly enter information in order to check the status of overbooking and to prevent this through these structures.

In order for your hotel to provide a good service within the online reservation system , it must be arranged by the people in charge of this area. With the booking interface known as Extranet, you should do daily work and provide service as necessary. In case of reservation or cancellation, you should always keep the number of your rooms up to date. For this, you can make up-to-date arrangements in many different ways.

Online Booking Module and Accommodation

Hotels provide certain advantages to their customers. Each hotel provides a different type of accommodation and facilities. Accordingly, you need to check and show your hotel well on the booking system. Management should be provided depending on the accommodation systems. For this, you should set up a special system in order to provide all the information and page formation of your hotel.

Extranet provides you with a specific space in every online reservation system . After entering your information, your hotel has sales and promotion points. First, you need to attract your customers through this area. Structure checks are also of great importance for system progress and module operation. In a way, your customers are connected to your system during the reservation process.

In online reservation , your customers see your information first. It can see your amenities, which areas your hotel is close to, your room availability, price information and all other information. Your customers will come to the reservation stage after choosing a room. At this point, you should provide services according to the payment and online payment systems at the hotel. After the reservation process is completed, the number of rooms will automatically decrease through the system.

Within the scope of OTA, the system is connected to the hotel extranet structure in certain scopes. This information will also change in the hotel reservation system after the reservations are entered into the system. At the same time, your customers also have cancellation rights. Cancellation can be made according to the rules you set as a hotel. If all transactions are canceled by the reservation module , the number of rooms and availability should be automatically determined again. If there is a certain cancellation fee in the hotel rules, the fee payment must be made as necessary.

You can make the necessary updates through this system, where you will receive the management and reservations of your entire hotel. In order to provide a good service to your customers and to provide the necessary conditions, you can manage this area, which you need to constantly update, with different points. If reservations do not fall into the system in the system structure, you should contact OTA quickly.

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