Meta search is a system that displays related query screens based on your search results. It is a platform that collectively lists the prices of OTAs in the field of hotel and tourism. Meta search will list the results for you if you type any information in the search section. You can find the prices and other details of the hotel you are looking for with a single action. Moreover, by seeing the prices of all OTAs connected here. There are a few tricks in this area in particular. It enables hotels to increase their sales by providing visibility in Meta channels. In this article we have prepared about meta search , we have presented all the details for you.

What is Meta Search?

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Meta search is a research platform that collects information about what is, the prices and availability of accommodation facilities. These systems work completely with keyword structure. Each word you enter is counted as a keyword and you will be presented with appropriate results. Each platform has a separate meta search field. Meta search allows crawlers to compare different offers, including the property’s official website.

Meta search hotel focuses on your search results. The key word here is ‘hotel’ or ‘hotel’. It captures certain words from your meta search searches and appears with the hotels it matches on the system. The fact that your hotel appears within the scope of meta search hotels is of great importance in terms of customer acquisition and awareness.

Meta Search System

Meta result screens for a hotel should have a well-built infrastructure if the hotel comes with the official website. You need to use a technology company that has integration with META search systems to extract your hotel in Meta Search search engines.  

Meta search is actually a promotion service when viewed from different angles. You are doing a marketing work with all the keyword and tag concepts you have created to rank your hotel to the top and attract customers. It creates an effective result and query status for you on meta search marketing . In order for your hotel to become one of the first hotels based on its name or location, this search system must be used effectively.

Meta Search Improvements

When we look at online travel agencies, meta search is not actually based on a very old period. This transaction, which was created by TripAdvisor in 2013 and made in terms of price comparison, has garnered a great response. As part of the meta search hotel , TripAdvisor offers the world’s largest hotel review platform. The fact that he started to make price comparisons with this feature he added was a big event among his competitors and left them all behind. Meta search creates a system that has been used for 8 years and expands the search volumes of hotels within the scope of the hotel website.

Looking at its history, Google has been using this system for years, offering sites a pre-ranking and search volume. Accordingly, sites are doing extra infrastructure studies to be compatible with Google platforms. Recently added meta search hotel concept is directly linked by Google. At the same time, as this data comes from Google, a price information is given to customers. The fact that the price point is ahead in people’s calls, especially, creates a large sales volume for most hotels. Google regularly sends certain data to the sites, thanks to the harmony it has particularly looked into. For this, it uses the Google Hotel Ads system.

Provides a working service in the field of meta search marketing . This system, which is provided directly by Google, is made within the scope of Hotels Ads. Although it is similar to the SEO system in general, it is a system where only hotels and their information are located. You should know how to use systems such as Google Hotel Center in order to appear effectively in the meta search field and promote your hotel, and add these interfaces to your hotel’s information. With a detailed study you will do here, you can collect a large amount of data both on Google and on the searched OTA.

Meta search creates a volume and customer attracting area for you within the scope of booking . Especially entered key words can mean the first place for you. For this reason, you need to make a detailed research while entering the hotel information and make it compatible for meta search. It is in your hands to do the best for your hotel.

Meta Title: Meta Search

Meta Description: Meta Search is a system that increases the search volume according to your hotel’s information and provides your hotel to the top. 

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